The Beginning of Something New

You don't know me. In fact, I'm surprised that you are here. I'm no famous author or celebrity but somehow you have made it to my website which is nice. For an introvert like me, it's difficult to be social and it's definitely difficult putting myself (well, my writing) on display not knowing what can happen. Will you enjoy it? I hope so even though my writing has a tendency to be a little...different so to speak. Just a warning that you may not get a happy ending all the time but that's life and I want my writing to be as real as possible. My goal is to connect with people either on a level that they can completely resonate with or to open them up to new worlds, experiences, and situations that they may not have known about. Our world and our lives are so diverse that we need to keep an open mind about things and that includes reading and writing.

I'm not a poster girl for diversity or anything like that, but if I can metaphorically broaden the horizons of others, then this is what I will do through my work. This is truly the beginning of something new for me and maybe even for you. Like I said before, you may not get a happy ending, but you surely will grasp an understanding of life itself. As much as we would like life to be a fairy tale, sometimes it is not and this is why new beginnings are not always a bad thing. Anyway, I guess this is my disclaimer of what is to come but I hope that you travel on this new beginning with me. Here's to the now and the future. Wish me luck!